Thursday, 4 July 2013

Homework - 4/7/13

Posted on: 4/7/13, 2.20p.m.
New Homework
- English
  - 2 PEEL for the 7 dilemmas

  - Craft the definitions for both human and environmental elements
  - Craft 5 questions that you would like to ask the users of the youth park
    - Don't ask generic questions
    - Put all in group journal
  - Write down one possible experience you can go through to understand the user better

Carried Over
- Chinese
  - Read the oral handout

- History
  - Archive - 1 per week
  - Holiday assignment by Friday

- I&E
  - Complete income statement, refer to I&E blog
  - Complete advertisement by Friday

- Administration
  - Update SDM data
  - Report book by Friday

Things to bring:
History file

If you see anything that I left out accidentally, please notify me at

- Xu Wei

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