Monday, 7 January 2013

Our Class Motto and Class Rules

Dear S206,

The following are our Class Motto and Class Rules as agreed from our previous lesson. 
For your information please.

Our Class Motto
Aim for Perfection, Work with Excellence!

Our Class Rules
1. Respect Yourself
2. Respect Your Classmates
3. Respecet Your Teachers

Warm Regards,
Ms Gwen

Class Decorations

Class Decorations

Dear S206,

Please update the class on how you want to decorate the class

- Noticeboard near the door (Jiehan and Team)
- Noticeboard near the teachers' table (YuYang's and Team)
- Noticeboard at the back of the class (Sean Lim and Shawnn Tan's Teams)

1. What you are going to be on the board?
2. What are the materials you will need?
3. Who is in charge of which item on the board?

Ms Gwen

Seating Arrangement of Class